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We specialize in landscape maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with convenient services at a set price. Scheduled maintenance allows us to manage our time efficiently throughout the season and keeps operating costs down. Our service is convenient and reliable. We come with expert artistic advice, future maintenance planning and ability to repair existing landscapes and maintain new or established landscapes. With our ongoing landscape maintenance we can turn any property into a masterpiece or preserve and/or refresh the masterpiece that already exists. ​ ​​

We have been taking care of landscapes in the Victoria area for both residential and commercial clients since 2007. Providing reliable and professional landscape maintenance is our priority. We offer a wide range of services that will help you manage your property in a timely and reliable way. With our professional crews and equipment, it is a pleasure to have us on your property. We offer online booking requests and customer communication. We work hard so that you can relax and enjoy your green space!

At Year Round Yard Maintenance Ltd. we have a family and community-based mindset. 

"Providing you with professional, reliable and quality service is what we can be counted on for"

by Matt Garner

This type of philosophy is not only a breath of fresh air in the busy world we live in, it is the integral foundation we have built our business on. With having a strong “why” we can make good decision when it comes to our customers, prospective opportunities and responsible business growth. With these key points we are out to lead our industry in what a landscape maintenance service should stand for in our community.